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My neighbor's cat attacked my dog!

Lincoln Park, MI |

My neighbor's cat got into my fenced yard (that is posted with a "Beware of Dog" sign) and actually scratched my dog's eye. I had to take her to the emergency vet to avoid possible blindness. $280 and two missed days of work later, I think the owner should be responsible for these fees. I have to give her eye drops, eye cream and antibiotics every couple of hours so I had to stay home to care for her.

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I am sorry to hear that this happened.

Did you witness the cat and dog fight? The posted sign doesn't help, since those only work to inform humans. I doubt you'd get lost wages, but you might get the cost of a vet bill. did you talk with the neighbor?

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Yes I witnessed, my husband had to actually pull the cat off my dog. I know the posted sign is for humans, my idea with that was that they knew we have a dog, they should know to keep their cat inside. I did talk with the neighbor, didn't even get an apology, the owner just blew me off.


Send a demand letter to the neighbor for the vet bills. If she refuses, you can sue her in small claims court or have an attorney send a demand letter first--see if that gets her attention. Due to the small dollar amount, you will have to make the assessment if it is worth your time and money to pursue. You should also tender this to your homeowner's insurance--see if they cover injury to your pet on your premises. Unfortunately, under the law, pets/animals are considered personal property. All you're going to get is the vet bills, not likely to get the time off work, and no emotional distress damages. You should also report this to Animal Control, they will open a file on the cat most likely, and if there are more incidents, then they will start a fining and hearing process that could end up in confiscation of the cat.

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Did you make a police report? Send your neighbor a letter and a copy of the bills. See if your neighbor and yourself can civilly discuss the matter. If not, go to small claims court. You won't need an attorney there.

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