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My neighbor kids keep destroying my gates to break in, and vandalize my home. Sheriff says nobody will prosecute a minor. True?

Granbury, TX |

The kids break boards, tear off latches, drag the gates tearing up the sod, taunt my dog until she tears up the inside of my home. She now goes to dog care at 200 a month to avoid that. I got the gates fixed again two weeks ago. They again broke the boards to get in, tore up the sod and this time painted the bricks on the back of my house with chalk. Sheriff has been out several times. Now I just call and leave reports. Im told by the sheriff there is nothing I can do because they are minors so allowed to cost me 1000s in damages????

Attorney Answers 1

  1. You can sue the kids and probably their parents in civil court for trespass to property, trespass to chattels, and negligence. You should go see a real estate litigation attorney or personal injury attorney to discuss your options further. On the criminal side, call the local district attorney's office. They make the decision to prosecute cases, not the sheriff.

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