My neighbor is verbally harassing us for several years now. We share an easement which they own but we have rights to egress

And ingress. How do you obtain an order of protection for verbal harassment in NY. They are the neighbors you never, ever want. What is the procedure for obtaining an order of protection? Cost? Do you have to go to court for such?

Westbury, NY -

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Paul Karl Siepmann

Paul Karl Siepmann

Lawsuit / Dispute Attorney - Patchogue, NY

Your best bet is to consult in person with a local attorney. It can be very difficult to get an Order of Protection for "name calling." If you file Harassment charges and the neighbor fights them and wins, you could be subject to a malicious prosecution claim.

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Jayson Lutzky

Jayson Lutzky

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Bronx, NY

Go to criminal court to seek an order of protection.

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Edwin Drantivy

Edwin Drantivy

Contracts / Agreements Lawyer - Brooklyn, NY

Call the police if you feel threatened and/or contact the Criminal Court if you wish to obtain an Order of Protection. Fees differ amongst attorneys. It is highly recommended that you retain one in the event you decide to take action.

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