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My name is on royality along with my deceased husband they want send me nomore checks since 2012 he passed away in april 2012

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I have asked and the royality company has suspended my royality checks and my name is on the paperwork along with my deceased husband I received a check in March n april 2012 my husband died in april 2012 I got March check after he had passed away but I have not cashed the checks because they have his name on them I need to know what I need to do to remove his name and start the checks back

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Have you provided the royalty company with a copy of your husband's death certificate? If you are still entitled to the royalties, I suggest you call the company again and see what they need from you in order to get the checks coming to you alone,

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You need to make a written request to the royalty company for a new division order. They will probably want proof that your husband's interest passed to you. So you will need to provide them copies of probate and/or administration, or heirship affidavits. If you are still getting the runaround after sending your request, you may need to get an oil & gas attorney involved to assist you.

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If you want to solve the problem you will need to hire a probate attorney who can take the necessary action to help clear title to your husband's assets and obtain a new division order for his interest. Who inherits his interest depends on whether he had a Will or whether he died intestate and if that is the case what was his family situation and whether property was separate or community.

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