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My name is Levi. My biological mother had lied to the police, and I was placed in jail for Domestic Violence.

Springfield, OH |

I had never committed a crime before, so I was in utter shock when this happened. And when I was ready to go in front of the judge, the public defender told me that if I plead guilty, he could see about getting me out sooner. I ended up staying 28 days in jail, and was assaulted. When I got out, a week afterwards I left and went back to NE. Now, about nine months later, she called my adopted mom and told her she was talking to an attorney to get my conviction dropped. And that she had lied about everything. What way is this most likely to go, seeing as everything had been setup completely into stone the first time around by her and her lawyer?

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Levi, That sucks! If I understand the facts correctly, you plead guilty to the DV and were sentenced? Correct? If so, once a person is found guilty and is sentenced, it is quite difficult to withdraw a guilty plea and "start over again." Difficult, but not impossible. I successfully withdrew a client's guilty plea after sentencing two weeks ago. It requires a finding of "manifest injustice." In other words, it requires obvious and easily-seen injustice. If you plead guilty but have not been sentenced, it is not as difficult (but still not easy) to withdraw a guilty plea. Contact me if you'd like more info, Chris Till

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