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My name is Brooke I'm 15 and my boyfriends 21. We haven't had sex or anything like that. What could he be possibly charged with?

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So on the 15 of July me and my boyfriend were caught at my house hanging out, my mom and dad called the cops. They've done a Sane exam and everything including taking my bed, clothing, and other items they felt were "involved" in the case.
What charges could he be looking at for this, and besides waiting till I am 17 to see him again what other ways could I be with him. We've been going steady for 6 months and I really care for him. I was raped when I was younger so I know the difference and their still trying to say because he's 21 he was "mistreating" me and refuse to look at our relationship and what it involved. They only keep looking at our ages . All the police say I am very mature for my age but try to make me sound like a child when ever we talk about my relationship Whats next?.

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  1. He's probably not going to be charged with much for just "hanging" out with nothing more.

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  2. If there is no evidence that you are being intimate with your boyfriend, then there will be no problem. If you can hold on a couple of years, and you are still together, your parents can give their consent for you to marry, but based on your facts, I'm guessing they are not to keen on doing that. Other options include emancipation and a court order allowing you to marry, but here again, facts don't indicate this being favorable.

    Statutory Rape is not forcible rape. It is based on the law only. And that law says that if he has sex with you, he is guilty. Period. There are no excuses. He will likely go to jail. And the two of you can smile at each other through a glass panel. Both of you should keep this in mind as you continue to see each other.

  3. Under Texas law, a person cannot consent to sexual activity until age 17. If you have had any sexual contact with your boyfriend, he can be charged with a second or third degree felony, and consent is not a defense. Texas law also contains a "Romeo and Juliet" provision that provides an affirmative defense if the parties are within three years of each other age wise. You can read more about the types of offenses in Section 22.011 of the Texas Penal Code.

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