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My motorcycle was parked in my assigned parking spot and when I returned home from work it was stolen.

North Miami Beach, FL |

There is a security guard on duty till 3 or 4 am. They also have cameras positioned at all entrances of the physical building but not entering the parking lot. I rent at this condominium. Is there anything I can do to recoup my loss in reference to the security or the association.

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I'm certain your Lease protects everybody except you in this situation but you should file a complaint with the local authorities and call your insurance company ASAP.


Your rental agreement no doubt contains waivers of liability for the condominium complex. In addition, by your own recitation of the facts, there is a period during the night without a security guard and no video of the parking lot. You need to contact your vehicle insurance company and the police.

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That is why you are supposed to carry insurance on your motorcycle against theft.

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You should turn it over to your insurance company, as that is why you have insurance.


Generally, NO. Property owners are not responsible for the criminal acts of third parties. While its possible you might make a claim against the security company, you would have to prove some level of negligence on thier part and unfortunately, the cost of a motorcycle, unless it was a high end custom would likely limit the attorney's fees you could justify spending to address the issue. Hopefully you had insurance on the bike.


Probably not. Unless you can prove that the security was negligently completed (not just ineffective in this situation) and a cause of the theft, you will lose. I have never seen a negligent security case brought for only property damage, but it is possible. Usually there has been a rape, crippling attack or death. The cost of bringing your case will exceed $20,000 easily. So, unless your bike is very valuable, just make a claim under your insurance policy.

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