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My Motions Denied In my Dangerous Drug For Sale Charge on My way to trial. Is There anything I can do still to get probable

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cause argued. I really need Advice on this matter. I cant afford an attorney and my P.D. is doing very little, when I do my own research bout cases similar to mine, then try n tell him. He gets all offensive like i'm trying to tell him to do his job. Then he talks to me like a 2yr old and no respect at all. acts like im not looking at 15yrs. when it came to my motion to suppress he did nothing at all to argue probable cause, so please I understand since I do have counsel already my ?'s are slim to be answered. but please I beg any of you to at least point me in right direction. thank you for your time

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Not really, other than renewing those motions or asking for reconsideration, each of which are weak choices. The problem in drug cases is that if motions to suppress are denied, they drugs and related evidence are coming in. Then it's time to switch to a new defense theory. You don't get multiple bites at the apple. Possibly you could try to relitigate it during trial if the cop testifies differently.

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Thank you so much Anthony for takeing the time to reply to my ?. My biggest ? is that at my last hearing there were 3 reasons that the detective used to get warrant signed, which the 1st one was a so called C.I. allegedly told detectives he witnessed illegal drug activity at my residence, now mind you this statement was made 3 months prior, which the judge said was stale. 2nd was a case I had in year 2000, which was dismissed anyway, judge couldn't believe it was actually even on the affidavit, so 3rd was a trash pull which me and my neighbor shared and they allegedly found a meth pipe and a so called bag with meth residue, so 8 days later they served warrant. if all the other reasons for P.C. were not good enough how would 1 trash pull be good faith? I really need to no what I can do. once again thx for your time!!!

Anthony Michael Solis

Anthony Michael Solis


Unless the motions are re-litigated, if that's even possible, they'll just remain issues for appeal, provided those issues were brought up in the motions filed in court.



thank you so much

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