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My mother works at a bank and erased an account that belonged to me. The account had my & my grandmothers name on it.

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My grandmother is now living in a nursing home & is suffering from alzheimers. My mother has always been a trustee on an account that belonged to her. Anyway, I called the bank to check the account balance etc., & was told that they have No Record of me ever having an account of any kind. ( I @ one point had a personal checking account there that I had to close b/c my mother would look @ the account information (she would review the checks I'd written) She was checking My Account Balance Etc.. She then @ one point called me & wanted to know why I'd written a check for Approx. $30 @ a convienience store./ Anyway, I called the bank about my account that she erased, She came to my house & laughed in my face stating"Good Luck OnFinding Any Information On The Account, I Made Sure It Was Gone

My mother works in the banks Customer Service Dept. as a Vice President. / I was informed that the Account Information could be traced through Federal Reserve/ FDIC (I'm not Sure). Is there any way to find the deleted Information?

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  1. You definitely need to contact local litigation counsel. Bring any evidence you have that the bank accounts did exist at some point. The allegation that your mother committed bank fraud is extremely serious and a federal as well as local offense.

    This is not legal advice. I am not your lawyer. You are not my client. You cannot rely on my response to your question. My response to your question is probably worth exactly what you paid for it. You don't get to sue me for anything. If you'd like to sue me, well you have to hire me first. Here's how you can hire me! #1 Call: 1-888-463-2843 #2 Email: #3 See me on TV! - go to the Ask the Expert tab! #4 Listen to my radio show (2 full hours every week!) - go to the podcast section.

  2. If the confidentiality of your account was breached by your mother, you should complain to the Branch Manager and to your mother's supervisor, and on up the chain. If your accounts were closed and your assets have now been taken, file a police report to report the theft, get an attorney to represent you and file suit against the bank. Information does not simply "disappear" and there will likely be electronic records of everything that happened with the account, from opening, to snooping, to closing, etc. A lawsuit can get you this information, and will certainly get the attention of the bank. You should consult with a litigation lawyer in your jurisdiction to pursue your rights.

    This general response is not intended to create an attorney-client relationship.

  3. I am so sorry that you are going through this with your mother. But you must take it very seriously. I would suggest filing a police report and followig up with the District Attorney's office to make sure they prosecute. As far as action in civil court, retain a lawyer asap. Much needs to be done immediately so please do retain a competent attorney asap. If you have further questions, feel free to call at three one zero 4 7 7 - 0 4 0 4.

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