My mother just passed away on 6-4-12, what do I need to do to find out if I get any inheritance?

I have some concerns that abuse played a major part in the circumstance. Please help so I am not left on the shallowness of having everything taken from me.

Orlando, FL -

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Brantley Daw Oakey

Brantley Daw Oakey

Probate Attorney - Naples, FL

The short answer is you need to figure out whether or not your mother had assets and whether or not you were mentioned in her will. This will tell you whether or not you should inherit. To go about getting whatever inheritance is due to you, you need to hire a probate attorney. Good luck

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Hollyn June Foster

Hollyn June Foster

Probate Attorney - Jacksonville, FL

It is hard to determine what exactly you are asking and there are not enough facts to adequately answer but I will try to help. First, since it appears that perhaps whoever was assisting your mother is not communicating with you I would suggest you file a caveat with the clerk of court in the county that your mother resided in at the time of her death. This will require that if an estate is opened they have to notify you and give you the opportunity to appear. Depending upon what assets your mother had at the time of her death and whether or not she had a will can determine what you might be entitled to. If there is a Will and due to abuse or duress the abuser was named the sole beneficiary you would have to contest the Will. A civil matter may be in order if assets (such as life insurance, bank accounts, the house) were titled in another's name, held jointly or the abuser was listed as the beneficiary prior to your mother's death. Unfortunately there are just not enough facts to answer more specifically as to your options except to emphasis that you should file the caveat.

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Brittany Green Gloersen

Brittany Green Gloersen

Probate Attorney - Deland, FL

I agree with the other answers. If you decide to hire an attorney, I suggest Aubrey Drucker he is located in Winter Park.

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