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My mother is being accused of stealing $150 for this reason. PLEASE HELP!

Philadelphia, PA |
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My mother cleans houses for wealthy people for 10+ YEARS now. Never had a problems and always recommended. She found an old lady doctor who wanted my mother to clean for her so she started working for her also. The doctor wanted my mother for her self but mom said no becuase she needs her other customers to support our family. She got very angry and randomly called the cops and reported my mother took $150. tHIS IS A LIE! Anyways detectives called her talked and aggreed for a Lie Detector. She was todl she did not fail but was not very honest to police. She never lies and has never been in trouble by police ever! She is not scared for her life that she will go to jail and has never even been close to a jail house in her life. We dont want our mother gone too. Please what can we do!

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  1. This is really a criminal law question and so I've changed the practice area to attract responses from criminal lawyers. Although I don't practice criminal law, I will tell you that I believe it's highly unlikely that your mother will go to jail for this. You can all calm down about that, truly.

    Be sure to click Best Answer if you found this helpful. Disclaimer: Please note that this response does not in any way an attorney-client relationship between Kathryn L. Hilbush and the recipient. My responses are general in nature. They do not constitute legal advice. You are advised to consult an attorney regarding this and any other legal matters.

  2. She needs a criminal defense attorney

  3. The answer is easy. Retain a local criminal defense attorney to represent her. Most attorneys provide free consults and payment arrangements. Your Mother should not have any further contact with the authorities until a lawyer is retained.

  4. She needs to hire an attorney immediately. It is not wise for her to be speaking with police and submitting to a lie detector test. Since her career is so important, she needs to stop trying to do this on her own.

    The above is a general answer but should not be considered specific legal advice for your case. It is in your best interest to contact a qualified attorney to discuss the particular facts of your individual situation.

  5. Your mother does need an attorney. Your mother also needs to stop talking to the police ASAP. If she is charged with anything it will most likely be theft and receiving stolen property. Your mother has to retain a criminal defense attorney so that her rights will be protected.

  6. There is a lot of information that missing from your synopsis here. As stated multiple times by other attorneys, you should contact a criminal defense attorney in your area. From the limited information you gave, I highly doubt that your mother will go to jail or that anything will come of these allegations.

  7. A lie detector result is not admissible in court.

    However, any statement that she may have made is admissible.

    You would help your mother out greatly by retaining an attorney now to advocate for her!

    Until retained, this answer does not constitute legal advise, as it is based on extremely limited information.

  8. Call a local criminal defense lawyer right away and have mom talk to him.

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