My mother died in a nursing home without a will,she died in financial debt.The state took a lean against the family forclosed

Asked almost 2 years ago - Cape Vincent, NY

home. Prior to her illness she and I seeked out lawyers to regain controll of the property from my uncles girlfriend,whom fraudently took out 3 mortgages while living there.W hen this girlfriend,whom lied and said she married my uncle (while she was still married to her first husband) died then these three banks that never bothered to contact my mother to verify these loans wrote her a "Dear Customer letter ! My mom never knew about the loans until my uncle and girlfriend were dead.My uncle was only the temporary trustee of said property.Is there anyway I can recover our family property ?

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  1. Richard Albert Luthmann


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    Answered . Get as much information as possible together and go see a lawyer. Your best recourse may be to go against the banks on some negligence theory, but it sounds like a real mess.

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  2. Robert A. Stumpf

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    Answered . Maybe, but it sounds like a huge mess. You should speak to a lawyer ASAP, and keep in mind this is going to be no simple matter. The exact equity in the house should be significant, or else, I don't know if it would be worth it.

  3. Virginia Giselle Alvarez

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    Answered . This is a matter you will want to discuss with counsel. To make any consultation fruitful have as much information and documentation you can. It is easier to piece together what has happened and what if anything can be done.

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