My mom passed away leaving real estate. Can I sign property over to a relative, without it being transferred from her to me yet?

The properties are still in my moms name. A relative of mine is asking me to sign them over to them. Can I legally do that even though the properties haven't lawfully been placed in my name yet? They are still under hers.

Baltimore, MD -

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Nicholas Bernard Proy

Nicholas Bernard Proy

Business Attorney - Finksburg, MD

You can't transfer any of the assets until the estate has been probated. You should contact an estate administration/probate attorney for help.

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Thomas C Valkenet

Thomas C Valkenet

Construction / Development Lawyer - Baltimore, MD

If there is no Will, then Maryland's statutes determine who inherits the property. And then, an Estate must be opened and an Personal Representative appointed to administer the Estate. If the property does not have to be sold to satisfy Mom's debts, then the Personal Representative would be authorized to sign a deed.

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