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My mom pass away 2 1/2 years and i think negligent on the doctor, is there anything i can do and how

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She went in for a Val replacement on the heart the surgery should of only be 4 hours at the most it enended up being like 7 hours. she eneded bleeding and passaway i think they made a mistake is there anything i can do about it can someone please help thank you

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  1. You should contact a medical malpractice doctor in California, as you haven't provided nearly enough facts to make a determination on whether the doctor was negligent. Why did the surgery take 7 hours? What was the cause of death? What, if anything, did the doctor do wrong?
    Another important point is that in California, all medical malpractice claims must be filed 3 years from the date of the injury OR 1 Year from the date the you discovered or reasonably ought to have learned of the injury, whichever comes first.

    Farid Yaghoubtil is an attorney at Downtown L.A. Law Group - 1850 E. 15th St., Los Angeles, CA 90021. (855)385-2529.

  2. Probably not since you knew something was wrong when she died more than a year ago.

    This is not a comprehensive answer and it is impossible to provide a meaningful response without a consultation. Call us for more information. 619.797.5456

  3. Statute appears to have run but you should consult an attorney to be certain you cannot make a claim.

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  4. There may be a statute of limitations problem.

  5. This is a wrongful death case, and as such, must be brought within 1 year of the date of passing. Sorry for your loss.

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