My mom is on probation do the lapd have any rights to be on their hands and knees looking under our front door?

Asked over 1 year ago - Chatsworth, CA

Lapd came to our house looked under our front door without announcing their self and said it was probation compliance with no probation officer no papers, the probation officer didn't know about it ?

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MY 13 year old daughter and my self live here Im not on probation or parol. But that's violateing mine and my daughters civil rights rite? I mean he was on his hands and knees looking under our curtain through the front door without saying who he was.

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    Answered . Yes, she waived her fourth amendment rights when she went on probation.

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    Answered . Since she is on probation, they would be able to do so. Her terms of probation does inform her about rights that she has waived.

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    Answered . Read the terms of her probation. It likely says something like: Submit to search and seizure conditions (Which means police or probation may search day or night with or without a warrant). She still has a right to not be subject to unreasonable search and seizure (searching every hour of the day, for example), however, when you are on probation, your expectation of privacy is at a low point. As they say probation is a privilege. You give up something to get something. AND one has to AGREE to probation terms. If you don't, the only other option is prison.

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