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My mom died from lung cancer in 2010.Can I sue a tabacco company.

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My mom died in 2010 from lung cancer after smoking for over 50yrs. She had a heart attack in 2002 and was told to quit smoking which she did. Over the course of the next 9 yrs she saw a doctor almost monthly. No one bother to monitor her lung cancer

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  1. If no one bothered to monitor your mother's lung cancer, that is not the fault of the tobacco company. If you wish to look into filing an action against a tobacco company, you should consult with an attrorney who is experienced taking on the big tobacco conglomerates. There have been many suits filed, both winning and losing. The facts of the individual case are important. If you find a lawyer to take your case, count on spending huge amounts of money and time before the case is concluded.

  2. There have been many successful lawsuits in Florida. You should look on the web for attorneys handling these cases.

  3. You don't have any theory of liability.

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  4. Best bet is to Google 'tobacco lawsuit lawyer' for a list of lawyers who handle these claims.

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  5. If her healthcare professionals failed to detect or monitor her lung cancer, that could be a medical malpractice matter, not a fault of the tobacco companies.

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