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My mom died and had only her name on her Mobile home. Must I go threw probate court to do a title transfer?

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I have been keeping up with lot rent but the park management will not allow me to live here unless I have the title in my name. I was living here for 18 months taking care of my mom before she died but was forced to leave or be evicted. I come to just maintain the home.
I already have to pay rent for a room I'm renting and this is hurting me sense I must keep both and pay for both. I just need to have the title in my name so I can give up my other rent payment and move back into my moms place. I'm a gardener with not much income right now and am collecting food stamps in order to help make ends meet. I don't have money for an attorney and would hate to loose her mobile home to the park. It's not worth much about $12,000 but its all we had. Thanks for your help!

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Sorry for your loss.
There is no need for probate if the only asset is the mobile home. Mobile homes are actually treated as automobiles. Assuming you are the only beneficiary, take the death certificate to the DMV and they should transfer ownership. If you have her Will, it may make the transfer easier. Also, don't forget to record her death certificate at the county clerk's office as it is required by statute.

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If you are the only heir-take death certificate to the DMV-good chance they will transfer it to you without probate(no attorney fees).

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Often times you can take the title certificate, death certificate and the Will to the tag and title agency and they will transfer the title over to you.

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