My medical records were altered by a doctor trying to damage my credibility as a witness in a trial against another doctor.

Asked almost 2 years ago - Fullerton, CA

Do I have any recourse? Can I file an action of some kind to force the doctor to correct the misinformation and provide a written apology and/or explanation for the alterations he made to my medical records? He destroyed my reputation and, as a result, there are no doctors willing to treat me now. Is this something an attorney would be able to help me with?

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I'd like to thank all the attorneys that responded to my post! I'm wondering if there are any attorneys from (or near) North Orange County, California, who might be interested in helping me? I have all the necessary documentation, and the hospital (St. Jude's in Fullerton, CA) has verbally apologized. They are asking me to come for a meeting with the doctor responsible for the malicious alterations and the hospital administrators, but I'm afraid to go alone.

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    Answered . Expoliation inference.

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    Answered . I would contact and consult with a local attorney. Get all the relevant documents to the attorney for review.

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    Answered . Bring all of your records to a lawyer. If you can prove that the records were tampered with, you typically have a cause of action. Good luck.

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