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My maiden name on my marriage certicate is completely different from my birth name. Do I need a name change?

Philadelphia, PA |

I've been married to my husband for 42 years. He is retiring from city employment and I have been named his beneficiary for all benefits. I'm concerned that my name my make our marriage void and I may not be entitled to spousal benefits.

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Call and ask. Your married name usually supercedes your birth name. The city ought to have a response for you.


I agree with Attorney Johns. Additionally, you should know that, if necessary, changing your name under circumstances you described is a simple process. You can pick up a form at your county's department of court records and pay a small filing fee. That should be all there is to it.

Hillary Johns

Hillary Johns


Since Mr. Spivak is licensed in your state, I would agree with him.


I also agree with the previous responders. I would call and ask. If it is an issue, speak with a local attorney or go to the prothnotary or law library. Any of those resources will help you with this matter if it does infact have any imapct on you receiving the spuosal benefits.

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