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My license was revoked for my 3rd dui for seven years am i eligable for the relicensing program?

Bellevue, WA |

i have three dui's on my record have been in no criminal trouble in two years my license was revoked for seven am i eligible for relicensing

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  1. You are not elligible for the relicensing program due to the nature of your suspension.

  2. You have been revoked as a result of being found a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO). Although as a HTO you are not eligible for a "re-licensing" program as such, you are eligible to petition the Department of Licensing for a "stay" or freeze of the revocation of your license so that you can keep driving on an unrestricted basis. Once DOL receives your petition they will determine if you are entitled to a hearing. If you prevail at the hearing (usually a telephone hearing) you can get your license back provisionally. If you do not prevail you will get a chance to petition them again.

    The four requirements that must be met to succeed in the hearing are:

    1. Establish that the offenses that resulted in the HTO status were the result of alcohol/drug addiction.

    2. Obtain an assessment from a state approved alcohol/drug treatment agency that you are alcohol/drug dependent.

    3. Complete at least 60 days progress in an alcohol/drug treatment program at a state approved agency.

    4. Provide a current status report from an agency/counselor.

    There are then requirements that must be adhered to (such as no serious traffic offenses, i.e. Hit and Run, DWLS, DUI, etc.) after the stay is granted in order to retain your license during the balance of the seven years.

  3. There are actually at least two things that will be preventing you from getting licensed. Mr. Barr has addressed the HTO and how you can obtain a stay of that revocation. You are also suspended. because of your DUI conviction. However you may be eligible to obtain an Ignition Interlock License (IIL). You would need to pay the application fee, install the IIL in the vehicle you will be driving and obtain proof of High Risk Insurance.

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  4. You need to contact the WA DOL. They will provide the information you need.

  5. I doubt it very much as to your eligibility. Contact the Department of Safety in your area. They will give you a straight answer which would apply in your state and any other state as well.

  6. Howard Stein's answer is correct...relicensing program...No but perhaps an Ignition Interlock License

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