My license is being suspended but i need it for my employment

Asked 8 months ago - Erie, PA

My license is to be suspended due to lapse in insurance. I am a driver by trade and need my license for employment. What are my options?

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  1. William A. Jones Jr.


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    Answered . You need to resolve the underlying reason for the suspension. Get insurance yesterday and talk to an attorney in your area with experience in handling license suspension matters. There has to be more to your situation than a mere lapse in vehicle insurance. Discuss the circumstances in private with suitable counsel immediately after getting your insurance reinstated.

  2. Daniel M. Myshin

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    Answered . I also question whether your license is suspended due solely to lapsed insurance. Mr. Jones has offered a good road map to resolving your issue. You are wise to follow it. Good luck.

  3. Matthew Jared Rapa

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    Answered . Under 75 Pa. C.S.A. 1786, which deals with required financial responsibility, your license can certainly be suspended due to a lapse in coverage. Specifically, section 1786 provides for a three (3) month license suspension if Penn Dot determines that you operated or permitted a vehicle you own to be operated by another without the required financial responsibility. Even if you appeal your conviction and are successful, Penn Dot can still suspend your license, because a suspension under 1786 does not require a conviction but rather only a determination by Penn Dot that there was a lapse in coverage. This is one of the only charges in the vehicle code that does not require a conviction in order to trigger a suspension.

    If, in fact, there was no lapse in your insurance you need to contact your insurance provider immediately and have them send documentation to Penn Dot showing you were covered during the time period in question. In the alternative, if there truly was a lapse in your insurance you must pay the restoration fee ($100) and provide Penn Dot with proof of insurance coverage before your license will be reinstated after three months. You should have received a letter from Penn Dot outlining what steps are necessary to reinstate your license.

  4. Christopher Irvin Simser

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    Answered . In NY you can pay a "lapse" penalty based on the number of days you were without insurance, or you can sit out a number of days based on the same criteria. I am unsure if this holds true in PA, but urge you to follow attorney Jones' advice and get insurance ASAP. Speak with your agent and ask him or her what remedies exist for the lapse.

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