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My lease stated "no marijuana allowed." I'm a MJ medical patient, do I have to stay silent? or are my rights as valid?

Aberdeen, WA |

The lease doesn't directly refer to medical use or 'legal growing.' The leasing agent is ready to evict known patients in my impression. All other local rental agencies state the same in their terms and I make about as much as a McDonald's employee as a disabled ex-marine. I'm also permanently mentally disabled.

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Since rental units are private property, the owners probably have a right to require or prohibit smoking or drug use on the premises. Perhaps if you keep looking you can find a place that permits it.

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The owners are Canadian citizens, buying slum properties here in Grays Harbor. I had to move from the Olympia area as my mental illness let me think it was a good idea to move in with my first ex (only relationship that lasted just over a year instead of for one to two months with my age at 38) and had to move out upon breaking up without the low income rental subsidy I had before because my ex has her own rental subsidy. Without that subsidy, which takes several years on a list to get back, I had to look very far a field to find this apartment. Almost every rental service told me that with my income of just under $900/month that I don't make enough (at least $1200/month) to rent a place for $400/month. I found two really slum apartments for $375 a month down here and was told I didn't make enough to rent those... The current renter made are real exception to allow me to move in...

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