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My lawyer says that if i FAIL a Polygraph, that they cannot violate my probation. I don't understand, is this true?

San Diego, CA |

I'm on sex offender probation, so the questions will be about CP and regular Pornography.

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  1. It depends on the reason for the failure. The results of the polygraph are unreliable and inadmissable at an evidentiary hearing. However, what you say during a polygraph examination may be considered admissions, making your statements perfectly admissable as evidence of a probation violation. So, what the machine says is inadmissable, but what you say is probably admissable to revoke your grant of probation.

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  2. Get another lawyer. Anyone who says probation can not use a polygraph against you needs to do another year at San Diego State.

  3. The results, themselves, may not be admissible against you. However, any statements and/or admissions you make during the polygraph will.

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  4. I had a case several years back where my client in a Riverside County case sought a transfer of his probation supervision to San Bernardino County and after several years of successful probation, his PO tried to force him, a misdemeanant sex registrant, to take a polygraph. I objected in writing and quickly added it to calendar because such a test was never ordered as a term of probation. The court agreed with me and we were able to block the poly in that and any other county.

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