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My Lawyer missed my court date,and there was a warrant for my arrest,she said she had that taken care of what are my options

Spring Hill, FL |

She actually missed my sentencing on Dec.13,and the judge issued a warrant

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Unfortunately, although this should never happen, lawyer's are people too. If you did not get arrested and she got the warrant recalled, then there seems to be no harm. If you have lost confidence in her, get another lawyer. Talk to her about the situation. Good Luck.

Although AVVO answers provide a starting point, nothing replaces the opinion of a qualified DUI defense attorney knowledgable about the Judges and prosecutors near you. You should consult a local lawyer for legal advice.


I'm confused by your question - she didn't go to your sentencing, you did not go or both? If you were given the next court date and did not show because your lawyer told you not to, how did that happen? There is a warrant out for your arrest now? How do you know that? Your lawyer must move the court immediately to withdraw the warrant and reset a court date. She likely will have to present you to the court to do it if it is a felony offense. This must be addressed right away so you are not arrested over the holiday with no bond. Good luck to you.


Typically after you are convicted at a jury trial the judge will give you a sentencing date at that time. You must have been present at the trial. Do you reccall the judge setting a sentencing date at that time? You are always required to attend sentencing. Did your lawyer advise you of this? Sentencing is set at a later date so both the State and the Defense can gather evidence relevant to an appropriate sentence. Also if it is a first felony offense, a pre-sentence investigation must be completed by the Deprtment of Corrections. I would contact your attorney to see if the sentencing date has been re-set. If it has not, then there will be a warrant

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Your question is a little confusing since it was a sentencing hearing. I agree with my colleagues though you should contact your attorney immediately to avoid potentially getting arrested over the holidays and likely having no bond. Good luck.

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One way or another you must get the case put back on for a hearing. If your lawyer knows about this, he/she probably has already started the wheels in motion to get this accomplished. If he/she doesn't know about it, call and ask what happened and why. It's not the end of the world, but it needs fast action.


Sounds like she made an honest mistake but cleaned up the mess before it got to you. This is not good but it does happen. Almost every pre-trial they are looking for an attorney that doesn't show. Some judges are more accommodating than others but it does happen. A lot of it has to do with working in different court houses and trying to predict how fast judges will move. If a judge is moving slow and another judge's JA isn't answering it can be a problem unless you can get a message to the clerk. Usually a sentencing takes priority but it sounds like she moved quickly to prevent the warrant from being served.

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