My lawyer contact me and said the case was settle and I have to come in to sign papers when do I get the money

Asked over 1 year ago - Philadelphia, PA

Do I get it the same day

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  1. Stewart C Crawford Jr.


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    Answered . Without being flip, you should ask your attorney that question. I would add, that I have never received a settlement check from the adverse party on the same that the release was signed.

    Stew Crawford Jr., Esq.

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  2. Paula Brown Sinclair

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    Answered . Some patience is required. Not only do settlement checks rarely accompany release documents, but insurance companies often send warrants, not checks, which are not immediately cashable. Then, if that's not enough delay, your own attorney cannot ethically release funds to you from his/her trust account the settlement check has cleared.

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  3. Joseph Jonathan Brophy

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    Answered . It takes weeks to months from the time settlement documents are received by the defendant until the client can be paid. Every case is different. Your lawyer is in the best position to answer this question.

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