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My lawyer advised me to get a licience in another state, after receiveing a 2nd dui. What do you think?

Foley, AL |

The 1st dui was 5 yrs ago.
The 2nd was 2 yrs ago. I obtained a lawyer, had a jury trial & was found guilty. Have not been sentenced yet.
I had drinks at home one night, the next morning got in my car, thinking I was fine. It was raining, I was grieveing over the death of my daughter the yr before. I slid off the road wrecked my car, no person or property was involved. I was dazed, trying to walk home when the parimedics found me and I refused care. The cop found me 45 min after the accident was called in. I was taken to jail, blew a .08, & not allowed to call family. When I was bonded out that night, I was taken to the hosp., & found to have a concusion.
My lawyer didn't put me on the stand, and did not give these minimum details.
Can I appeal to a higher court?

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Follow your lawyer's advise. Do not attempt to second guess your lawyer by seeking online observations that stem from 6 or 7 lines you posted anonymously.

That is not fair to yourself, your lawyer or the person that wades in to your situation with insufficient information to make a tactical decision to lay out the right strategy to follow.


While I do not practice in your state,your question leads me to think that you have questions about trial that only can be answered by your Attorney.Anytime you question the trial decisions made by your Attorney,PLEASE ask him to explain to your satisfaction. His reason for not puting you on the stand to testify is a trial decision that you hired him/her to make. As for getting a license in another state please be aware that license applications are generally made UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY asking you for any pending suspensions in your home state OR IN THE STATE OF YOUR NEW LICENSE!


Follow your lawyer's advice. Short blurbs such as these may yield incomplete advice. It is likely that your lawyer has more facts than provided in the short description above and therefore is in the best position to advise you of the best course of action to take.

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