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My last two paychecks where bounced. He may have filed for bankruptcy How can I get what he owes me?

Logan, UT |

The last two paychecks recieved had no funding to them, and so when I deposited these paychecks into my account, I was notified two weeks later that these checks where bounced. If this employer filed for bankruptcy, and I had no notification within 7 days, can I sue for the debt I am in, and lost wages?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. You can file a claim in Bankruptcy Court if your employer has indeed filed for bankruptcy. A bankruptcy attorney can easily check PACER, which is the public access available for checking bankruptcy information.

    Your claim will be a priority claim. That means it will be one of the claims that is paid first. Filing a claim should not cost much. But, I fear you will have a hard time filing a claim for yourself.

    By the way, if your employer filed bankruptcy and listed you, then you will get a claim form from the Bankruptcy Court, if there are any assets left to pay claims. Good luck.

  2. It also sounds like there are some underlying fraud issues invovled. If the employer made misrepresentations to you about his ability to pay your wages, you may have other other rights and options available to you through the bankruptcy court. You should speak with an Utah Bankruptcy Attorney to discuss the details of all of your claims.