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My landlords are in jail, both husband & wife. A family member is asking for the rent money. What should I do?

Laredo, TX |

We signed a contract for me to deposit money in account. That account has been frozen by the government. They have charges with money laundering, distributing narcotics. There home and cars where taken away from them. Can they take this house too? They do have other homes for rent as well. Please help!

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Regardless of your landlords' situation, you are most likely going to owe rent for the time period that you are living in the rental property. It would be reasonable to tell the family member that the landlords should send you something in writing if they want you to pay the rent in a method that is not outlined in the lease. You should be prepared to pay any rent you owe immediately once you receive notice from the landlords on how to pay the rent (or notice from a new owner showing they are entitled to receive the rent).

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Just because an account is frozen, does not mean you cannot still pay into the account (just cannot get anything out). Usually, the lease states how rent is to be paid, and if the landlord wants it to be sent differently, then they must provide written instructions. I agree with the attorney, ask the family member for written instructions. Otherwise, attempt to pay in the usual manner. Rent is due pursuant to the agreement and the agreement is all that matters to judge deciding whether to evict or not.

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