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My landlord wants his son to move in to my apartment

Pasadena, CA |

my landlord wants his son to move in to my apartment so he wants me to leave, he just told me on 1/15 & wanted to me to leave by 2/1, i have not found a place yet. what can i do? he threatend to evict me, i have 1 child under 18 and im scared to move to a place that is not safe, i also need to move to a place i can afford. There are 4 units where i live and my landlord chose me to kick out. would this be dicrimination because he chose me over everyone else and only because its to his benefit for me to move out. its really unfair... i dont know what to do, i cant find a place...

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  1. Merely electing to move you out in and of itself, is not discrimination. Discrimination usually includes circumstances involving religion, creed, color, race and other protected groups.

    If you are presently in a formal written lease with the landlord, he probably can't kick you out as you described, unless the terms of the lease permit him to. Read your lease. If he seeks to evict you and you do not have a lease, it will still take him quite some time and possibly expenses.

    More practically, do you really want to continue living there now that this has transpired? If not, try to negotiate for enough money to make a deposit on a new place and for moving expenses.

  2. Normally the terms of the lease are what control the rights and obligations of the parties. Does the lease have a termination term? My first inclination would look to whether the lease states the terms for which termination can be effectuated (meaning 30,60 day notice, in writing, etc). Additionally, the law governing termination without cause is CC 1946 requiring the termination notice to be in writing. It is tough to give you an answer without a further investigation of the facts. Hopefully this is a good starting point for you.

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  3. My colleagues have provided you solid advice. You need to look to the terms of your rental agreement. As for discrimination, you haven't stated anything that would lead to discrimination.

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