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My Landlord only gave me part of my deposit back.

Spokane, WA |

I recently moved out of a house that I had been renting for about 9 months. When moving in to the house nothing was done formally and the house was a complete disaster when I moved in. The house was extremely dirty and floors were stained and several things didn't work. Once I moved in I was never given a copy of my lease and ended up having to sign a new lease because the previous one was void. Only a few things were fixed while living there. When I moved out I cleaned the house as throughly as I could. My landlord is now claiming that she has to have a cleaning lady clean for 11 hours at $15 dollars an hour. And is also withholding a $100 dollars to replace vinyl that was stained because of a leak from the shower that was never fixed. Am I completely screwed or what can I do?

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One important fact you did not include, was there a move in move out check list signed by you and the Landlord? If there was no condition report, the landlord is not allowed to keep any deposit at all. See RCW 59.18.260. Also, the landlord has 14 days to provide an itemized accounting of any deposit that is not returned. See RCW 29.18.280. If these things didn't happen you may be able to recover the rest of the deposit in small claims court.

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