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My landlord is selling my apartment. Can I insist on being on the property during the showing?

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Can I give her certain days/times to show it that work for me? How much notice does she have to give me to show the apartment?

Selling meaning selling the house to new owners, possibly before my lease is up. Next question: She isn't listening to requests that showings be held in my off time, when I can be at the house (which is a consistent and reasonable time period everyday). Now she is telling me that she won't be on the property, that it would be the realtor and prospective buyers only. While I understand that my landlord can have access to the property at her leisure, can she grant permission to the realtor to be on the property without her, without my permission?

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When you say "selling", do you mean she is selling the property or renting it out because your lease is terminating? Unless your lease provides that she has to give you notice or otherwise, typically a landlord, as owner of the property, has the right to access the property at his leisure. Ultimately, it is his property. However, you can request that notice be given and you be present in the interest of protecting your personal property, but absent a provision in your lease that lays this procedure out, your landlord is not required to give you notice of visits or showings.

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Thank you so much for your prompt reply! I will look at my lease. See additional information above for a continuance to the question.

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