My landlord hired a new property management company, who immediately made changes to my lease without my consent.

Can they change terms of the lease without my consent? Can they change payment terms without my consent? If need be, would this be grounds to void the lease??

Seattle, WA -

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Steven Navaro

Steven Navaro

Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - Castle Rock, CO

Once a lease is signed, it becomes a contract between you andthe landlord. If there have been no violations of the lease on your part, then the management company cannot unilaterally change the terms of your lease. If they insist, then I would recommend hiring a lawyer to speak with them. You do not have to pay more, or on different terms than what you agreed to in the lease.

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Elizabeth Rankin Powell

Elizabeth Rankin Powell

Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - Tacoma, WA

The new property management company has no basis in law to unilaterally change any terms in an ongoing lease. If you WRITE TO THEM and point out that they are breaching your original lease by changing terms and you do not agree, you are in a position to mitigate your damages based on THEIR breach.

See RCW 59 18 230. Elizabeth Powell

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