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My landlord gave us notice that he wants to sell and we have to move by 3/31/13. He is giving a bad ref so we cant find a place

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Not sure how to rent a new place if he is giving false information (saying excessive wear and tear/damage) We have been here 7 years and he has never been willing to do repairs we have had to do them all and any damage is currently being fixed by a licensed contractor

The "damage" is a door that my son fell into and put a hole in. The landlord told us where he had the door made and we are getting the new door from there. Parts of the walls on the stairs are chipping off which is what is being repaired by contractor

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If you are a month to month tenant, then the notice of termination you received is valid.

Your landlord is obligated to provide accurate information to references. You appear to acknowledge that you did damage, so it is his duty to report that damage when asked. A landlord who refuses to rent to a tenant for failing a screening is required to identify basis for the denial and provide you the opportunity to dispute the report. RCW 59.18.257. If you believe the information is incorrect, you have the opportunity to share your side of the story.

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Mr. Cutting gave you a very goo answer. I'm just writing to add that: You can ask and expect to receive a neutral reference. A neutral reference is that he knows your name and you were his tenant for seven years. If you were that bad of a tenant, he could have ended this tenancy long ago, that he did not speaks volumes about you being a good tenant.

For your next tenancy: For maintenance and needed repairs, be sure to tell your landlord in writing of the issue. Give him adequate time to respond, and if he does not, don't jump the gun and withhold rent. (Note: I know you did not do that!) My point is, there is no way landlords in WA can shift their maintenance obligations on to their tenants. It is the landlord's responsibility, no matter what the landlord thinks. See RCW 59 18 230.
If you damage something, that is different and you are handling this just right.
Elizabeth Powell

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