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My landlord doesnt want to give me a copy of my lease

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this was a huge mistake that i made, my landlord was really pushy and fast and always in a hurry while we were signing the lease in fact i never even saw the lease he had me sign the rental application and said he would email me a copy of the lease, but he never did and i have asked him several times and he always says i sent it in an email but i have checked many times and i always keep up with my email and i have even checked "spam" and nothing. i know i should have got a copy when i moved in but its a mistake i made and now im getting worried because who knows what the actual lease says and its not fair to not show me, and also i never signed anything but the application, he makes me think he is doing something fishy due to not giving me a copy of the lease. what can i do?

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I agree that it is kind of weird that he doesn't want to give you a copy. However, the reason might be -- since you say you never signed anything -- that you don't actually have a written lease and so there is nothing for him to give you. If there comes a time when he wants to enforce a provision of the lease, he certainly can't take any adverse action against you without giving you a copy of the lease he claims he's relying on. In the meantime, if you think you want to move out of this place, I would consult with an attorney about what your rights are in the event you don't have a lease (in other words, perhaps in your state that would make you a "month to month" tenant and you could get out on 30 days notice).
If there is something specific that you have a question about, I would put your question to the landlord in writing and ask him to give you a copy of the lease along with his answer. That might move things along.
You don't say whether you are having a specific problem with your tenancy (other than that you don't have a copy of your lease agreement). But if you don't remember signing a lease, then there is a chance that you didn't. But you haven't described any situation that would put you in a position to ask a court to make him give you a copy of the lease. If you are involved in a court proceeding, you can always ask the court to make him give you a copy of the lease.

I am providing this general and basic information as a public service, and my response to this question does not constitute an offer of representation. I do not have enough facts about the situation you present to provide a more detailed answer. If you have not signed a fee agreement with my firm, then I do not represent you.


It does sound a little shady, but your landlord is required by law to give you a copy. But this sounds like something that a simple letter from an attorney might resolve. If the landlord doesn't respond, then you could probably sue to rescind the contract. It will depend upon the facts as a whole.

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