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My landlord and 2 workers came onto the property and my camera was stolen by one of them.

Hyattsville, MD |
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I live in Maryland. I do not know the other two people the landlord brought into the home I rent from him, so can I sue just him? Or do I have to get the other 2 people's information (which he refuses to provide to me). They worked for him and the only reason why they were in the house, was because he brought them with him. Also, if I did not pay the $250 deductible out of my pocket, but it was deducted from what my insurance company paid me, can I sue them for the $250 deductible as well?

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You may have a cause of action against the landlord if he removed your personal property. He may have committed a trespass as well, depending on the language of your lease which may require sufficient notice to enter the property. You could sue just him, because the other would have been agent's of his. And if you had to pay a deductible, you can tack that on to your damages because that's what you lost out of pocket.

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Thank you very much for your very informative response. The Landlord has a key to the premises, and I was home when he entered the premises (I was aware he was coming by that day), but I left them in my bedroom (where my camera was located) within 5 minutes of them entering my room because I had a very important appointment. I have lived there for 4 yrs, and this is the very first time he, or any of his workers have been inside of my bedroom. And this is the only time something has been missing/stolen from my residence.

Bennett James Wills

Bennett James Wills


You can certainly file a small claim against the landlord, but this will ultimately be a he said she said type case and difficult to prove. If you do have a police report or something showing you took steps to show your loss then you have a better case, although still not a great one. Honestly, $250 probably is not worth the trouble of dealing with the District Court, but you could try.


First, file a stolen property report with the police. Get a police report/case number. It is possible the police will contact the landlord and obtain the names and contact info of the workers and interview them all as part of their investigation. the longer you wait, the less likely they will get involved. Yes, you can sue, but proving one of them stole your camera can be tricky if you were not present and saw them take it. You would have to establish that no other persons besides yourself and the three who entered your home had the ability to access the property (in other words, there are no other residents or persons with keys and access to the premises). Even in that case, they can deny they took the item.



Thank you for your very informative response. I filed a police report, as well as a renter's insurance claim with my insurance company. They paid me the value of the camera, less $250 for the deductible, so the net amount I actually was reimbursed was nowhere near the amount I paid for the camera. I wasn't present while they performed the actual work (putting two closet doors on), and my camera was located in the closet on the shelf. I have had that camera for a little more than 1 yr, and only have 2 family members living with me. I have never, ever had anything missing or stolen from my home other than after these people came into my residence and performed work in my bedroom.

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