My Kids were taken away from me about 3 years ago. How would i go about getting visitation with my children.

I had sole custody of my children. I let them go with their fathers family for what i thought would be a weekend trip, but they were never returned. On the Monday that they were suppose to come home a social worker called me and said that there were allegations of me using drugs and that i had abandoned my children, both allegations were not true. But when i found out that they were not coming back, i went into a deep depression and started using drugs and started getting arrested for small offences ie: under the influence. I have since cleaned up my life and would like to start the process of getting them back. But his family has threaten to call the police if i go near my children. I would like to know my rights or what step can i take to see them

Gardena, CA -

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Nadine Marie Jett

Nadine Marie Jett

Child Custody Lawyer - Torrance, CA

The answer depends on what happened in Dependency Court.
You need to go to Dependency Court, and pick up the file. You need to know what the last orders were.
If your parental rights were terminated and the ch ildren were adopted, you are no longer their parent, and there is nothing you can do.
If the c hildren are in long term foster care, you can contact your attorney or theirs, and ask for visitataion and a review hearing.
If the Grandparents have a Guardianship, you can petition the court for visitation.
Congratulations on your sobriety. Good luck with your children.

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