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My Kids Father has sole custody in AZ, can I let them drink beer with me in Wisconsin, only for a taste by Statute?

Mesa, AZ |

I was at a home and one of my children had asked if they may have a taste of a beer called "Ham in a Bottle" made in Germany. I said they may and put a small amount into a glass for them to taste, however when my kids returned home to their father, father heard about it. He does not allow alcohol in his household and thinks that I shouldn't have alcohol either, and so now he is filing to the courts to have my parental rights to the children revoked. Does Wisconsin or Arizona statute allow me discretion to allow my children to taste alcohol if the father has sole custody?

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  1. I am not a Wisconsin lawyer, but a quick Googling seems to indicate that Winsconsin allows underage consumption of alcohol in a private home with parental consent. What you did appears to be legal there.

  2. I don't believe that the court will terminate your rights especially if it is legal in the state in which you live but you have to be careful and think about what you are doing. When dealing with legal decision making and parenting time issues the courts in Arizona look at the best interests of the child and doing things which may be/seem innocuous or "not a big deal" can have a serious impact moving forward. I don't mean to worry you but you do need to make sure you are making good parenting decisions moving forward. Good luck.

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