My juvenile record has been sealed in ohio. I now live in texas, can I get my concealed carry permit.

I am now 21 years old I recently had a hearing and successfully got my juvenile record sealed. I have bought 3 firearms legally in texas, and I am now going to attempt to get my concealed carry permit. Will my sealed record come back on the FBI background check for concealed carry?

Houston, TX -

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Macy Michelle Jaggers

Macy Michelle Jaggers

Criminal Defense Attorney - Dallas, TX

Yes. The government can always see sealed records. Whether or not you can get a CHL in Texas will depend on what the offense was and how long ago it was.

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Cesar Garcia

Cesar Garcia

Juvenile Law Attorney - San Antonio, TX

Sealing your records seals them from the public, but government agencies can still see them. As to whether or not you will be able to get a CHL, it depends on how DPS evaluates your CHL application. Be honest and forthcoming on your CHL application.

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