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My joint account as been seized by child support order. Court order is not for me, it's my boyfriend.

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My taxes for me and my children have been accepted to the IRS. The refund is suppose to be direct deposit into that seized account. How can I stop/prevent my refund from entering that seized account and place into my sole-bank account. I have no order for child support, and I want to protect my taxes and child taxes from being taken. Should I contact the IRS immediately and are they able to stop this transaction from happening? PLEASE ADVISE, DESPERATELY IN NEED OF HELP! Thank you!

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Short-term answer: Call or visit the bank each day to see if the IRS has deposited your tax refund. [In my own experience, if you filed electronically, you will receive the $$$ within 2 weeks.] When it has, rush to the bank, take ALL the money out and close the joint account. Open an account JUST in your name. Long-term answer: don't own any assets jointly with this deadbeat. BTW, I have never known Oregon Child Support Enforcement to garnish bank accounts. Either your boyfriend owes a LOT of past due child support and/or he rarely has a job where they can attach his wages. Attaching wages & the payor's tax refunds is the normal way CSE collects $$$ from chronic deadbeats. To reach this point he has ignored MANY attempts by CSE to set up payment plans. Good luck.

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Ms./Mrs. Gruber, Thank you for your advise. The child support agency is from Virginia, not Oregon. I have 3 children with my boyfriend, he is a loving and supporting father. With his previous relationship, he has 4 children, quit school in an early age to work and support the 4 kids. The mother has never worked in her entire to present. He supported those kids till the oldest became 18 and continued to the 3rd child turned 18. When we moved to Oregon to find a better living, for our 2 kids at that time. With no education background, and 20 yrs of work experience with one job, he still had a hard time finding a job. He decided to go back to school to help get a good job. For 2 yrs, he was unable to continue to pay child support. I went ahead a applied for a job, got hired, and I have become the head of household for my family since I make more income. The ex-girlfriend decides to do a back child support order against him. He was unable to start paying because he still didn't have a job and we could not afford daycare even with 70% help from state assistance. He really needs more of the support and of a family attorney for fathers. Thank you again for taking the time to read my message and giving me a good advise.


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If your account has been seized for a support order that is not your obligation, then you should hire a lawyer to get that undon. Diane Gruber gave you excellent practical advice about checking the bank and taking the money once it is deposited.

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I suggest you try to change the account that the IRS deposits your refund into. By allowing the money to get deposited, you run the risk of losing the money if the account is garnished again.

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