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My i360 was approved and my i485 has jurisdiction over it was transferred to NBC now it's been processed with uscis?

Brooklyn, NY |

What does it mean with the jurisdiction and the NBC? Thank you in advance

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  1. Jurisdiction is who has the power to make a decision. The I-485 is at the National Benefits Center of USCIS who has the authority/power to schedule your interview. Your interview will be at the USCIS field office closest to your current residence.

  2. It simply means your file has now been transferred to the National Benefits Center of the USCIS, for the scheduling of your I Trevor's at the local USCIS field office having jurisdiction (authority) over your place of residence.

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  3. My colleagues are correct ... it is bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo for "we're moving your file from the left-side of our desk to the right-side".

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