My i-485 is pending due to DUI convictions. I have to go to my country because of serious family emergency.

If I get an advance parole, Is it possible to reenter to the US? I heard it's too risky and probably not be allowed to enter. Does Immigration office give me an advance parole even there is no chance to reenter to the US? Do they give an advance parole to someone who has criminal records and 485 is pending ? Thank you.

Long Beach, CA -

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Samuel Patrick Ouya Maina

Samuel Patrick Ouya Maina

Immigration Attorney - San Francisco, CA

It is risky to leave under these circumstances. Citizenship and Immigration Services can give Advance Parole and Customs and Border Protection can still deny you entry into the US. You may also be subject to a different bar on entry if you have been in this country for a certain period of time in an unlawful status. I would not advise you to leave while your case is pending.

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F. J. Capriotti III

F. J. Capriotti III

Immigration Attorney - Portland, OR

Some people are risk takers ... I'm not one of them.

Although I am sorry to hear about your family emergency, you may be looking at an immigration emergency if you leave the US before your greencard is processed .... especially since it looks like you are facing more than one DUI.

Meet with your criminal defense attorney and have him/her get in touch with an immigration attorney.

Also, see if some other member of your family can deal with the emergency, so you don't need to leave the US.

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Veronica Tunitsky

Veronica Tunitsky

Immigration Attorney - Houston, TX

DUIs plural? Anything else?

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