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My husband wont give me a dime of our 2011 tax return.

Morrison, IL |

we filied married filing jointly he made 28,000 and i made only 1,600 and we claim four isn't his. i didn't work because i had his baby that year.anyway he wont let me have even one dime of the money we have bills and we both agree to pay them but come on not even a dime to buy his kids clothes. So anyway am i intitled to half the money or at least a portion.

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I am assuming this is an IRS refund. Once refunded, state law determines who can make decisions regarding how the funds are spent. I suggest you repost your question in the family law section for your state.

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Without a divorce petition pending, this is a family issue, not a legal one.

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If you are still together as one unit, you two will have to work out the distribution.

If you are apart and going through divorce, you have to have a divorce attorney assign a property settlement and to specifiy who gets the deductions.

Its my understanding that Illinois is not a community property state but equitable division state, and a family law judge will make an equitable division in the divorce case.

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