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My husband was wrongly accused of a home invasion robbery and was sentenced 35 to life.

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there was a witness that said it was him in the robbery but she changed her story numerous of times. and changed the description of the man a few times. and we feel like he didn't not have a fair trial. there was no evidence besides that witness. my husband has been incarcerated since 2009. We the family do not have a lot of money so we are asking for help. where can I find a cheap or hopeful pro bono attorney for his appeal?

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  1. I assume your husband has already had appointed appellate counsel attempt to overturn his conviction. I would recommend trying to contact the Innocence Project. I worked the Northern California Innocence Project in law school and that group has overturned multiple convictions of persons wrongfully convicted. I believe there is also a southern California branch of the Innocence Project. Unfortunately there is a long waiting list to have your case examined by that organization but it is well worth a shot. If there is new evidence, as yet untested physical evidence (DNA, etc), or a recent witness recantation you have a better shot. Good luck.

  2. It seems that no one filed a Notice of Appeal within 60 days, so, I would see if anybody at the California Appellate Project can help to see if he has what we call a Writ based upon the other attorney at trial, or something else that made the trial unfair. I see you are in Stanislaus County, so I am giving you the number for CAP in Sacramento (916) 444-8828. Good luck

  3. Your questions is vague. Did your husband file an appeal of his conviction within 60 days? I ask this because you are looking for an attorney for his appeal. If he didn't appeal within 60 days, it is way too late to file any appeal. If he has an appellate attorney, then I assume the appellate attorney filed the appropriate paperwork within the proper time frame. If so, what is the status of his appeal and why would you be looking for an appellate attorney?

  4. Ask the Innocence Project to assist you.

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