My husband was picked up on a revocation of parole for not reporting, he was supposed to be off parole on may13th.

With him only having about 25 days left on paper, with out any new charges, what can we expect to see happen?

Tyler, TX -

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Katherine Ellen Shipman

Katherine Ellen Shipman

Criminal Defense Attorney - Conroe, TX

If a single instance of failure to report is the sole reason why he was picked up, and the warrant issued more than halfway through the duration of his parole, then the situation may not be as dire as you think. However, "time calculation," credit for street time, and the rules and regulations of parole are a niche area of the law in which many criminal defense attorneys would consult an expert prior to giving you an opinion. Accordingly, you need to consult with an attorney who regularly practices before the parole board and regularly "calculates time." Be advised, it is not unusual for TDC to attempt to get inmates to waive certain rights in order to expedite the parole release and revocation process, almost always to the inmates' detriment. It is critical the he be represented by competent and experienced counsel.

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