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My husband was in love with me two years ago and told me he will accept all of my conditions to marry me

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My husband was in love with me two years ago and told me he will accept all of my conditions to marry me, he told me that he will convert to my religion and practice it and also he never drink alcohol, but after a few months he started drinking, he never practiced my religion and recently i discovered he lied to me that he truly converted to my religion, i really feel hurt, can I sue him and file against him because of all of these lies he told me? my religion is very important for me and in my religion it is a sin to marry with someone that doesn't have same religion with you and you can not be with other man for four months.

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It appears that you live in Houston, Texas. There are many fine family law attorney in the Houston area. Unfortunately, the situation you describe happens often. Your situation is not unique. The only remedy is to seek a divorce. You need to look on this excellent website and find a tough, smart attorney and get this divorce started. You have a short-term marriage so there should not be a lot of assets and debts to divide.

Texas is a no fault divorce state so he cannot force you to remain married to him. If you want to file for "fault", you can do so but is really is not necessary. When you meet with the attorney, the attorney can describe Texas law to you.

I would encourage you to enter counseling since you are obviously very upset about this relationship. The court can only deal with the end of this marriage. The emotional issues are not part of the court proceedings. Therefore, a counselor can help you cope with that part of the divorce process.

I wish you the best. Also, if this man might get angry when you decide to file for divorce so talk to a divorce attorney BEFORE talking to him about the divorce. You might need to file for a divorce with temporary orders. You might also need to have a "safety plan" to be safe if you think he might get violent when he finds out that you are divorcing him -- often alcohol can make people do strange things.

Good luck!

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thanks for your reply, is it possible i apply for annulment not divorce?

Fran Brochstein

Fran Brochstein


I have no idea. In Texas, you have to meet certain criteria. You need to consult with an attorney in person. Again, this is a free consultation.


File for divorce. You maybe able to seek a larger share of assets, if there are any.

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The law is secular in the United States, best to file divorce in Saudi Arabia if you meet the jurisctional requirments.

God Bless,

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