My Husband was arrested for violation of conditions of parole, what happens next? How likely will he be reinstated?

Asked about 1 year ago - Las Vegas, NV

He's been on parole for 6 mons & he's had a total of 5 p.o. This officer violated him was his officer for 1 day. She stated that he wasn't in compliance since Jan 11th when he was released. Which I find puzzling because she wasn't his officer then. He has never had an dirty u/a and passed his polygraph, paid his fees on time. He has a stipulation from a juvenile sex case that was false the state picked it up. He had to Attend a attend a sex offender class but he withdrew a week before his arrest to find a closer location & even notified his p.o. via voicemail. The counselor sent a termination letter instead. Also she violates him for hanging with ex felons which is not true. He attended a family reunion & drinking a beer. He doesn't have to register as offender so why the violation?

Additional information

She stated he violated by watching pornographic movies but we are married. What we do behind closed doors shouldn't be of any of their concern. That's a violation of our Martial privacy Griswold vs Connecticut. about the family reunion were we supposed to go up to every individual and ask if they were ex felons? The p.o. stated he should have asked his parole officer if he could attend but at that time he didn't have a parole officer to report too. She said we can fight that because that is true. People were doing drugs around him but it was in settings at social gatherings which he did remove himself from that area. The pre screening questions is where she is getting her information from she didn't even hear those answers herself.

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  1. George G. Trachtman

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    Answered . There should be a hearing. An attorney should be provided if cannot afford one. Most of the time, an attorney can try to negotiate a re-instatement based on severity of violation.

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  2. Nathan Robert Morris

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    Answered . This is not the type of issue that you will be able to get an answer from an internet posting. It is clear that you need the support and direction of counsel. I would guess that what happens with his issue could be greatly influenced by a good attorney. Do not take a chance!

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  3. Alexander M. Ivakhnenko

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    Answered . You husband needs a very good counsel ASAP.

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