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My husband was accused of child abuse and CPS is involved, do we need a lawyer?

Etna, OH |
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Basically someone called CPS because they witnessed an isolated incident where my husband lost his cool for a split second out of reaction to something else. I went to CPS with my child when asked and let them interview my child without me being present. My child did tell CPS that an open container had been in a vehicle while being in the car as well. CPS did act like they were not interested in pursuing physical child abuse after talking to my child but were more interested in the open container. I have no idea what to expect or how to go about this. I want to cooperate because we are good parents and love our child very much and it shows but I have heard horror stories. Should we spend the money or ride it out?

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I would get a lawyer involved. Hopefully nothing will come of this, but having a lawyer, is a good idea. Listening to their advice after retaining them is even more important. Dealing with CPS is not like fighting a case where you're trying to prove the other side wrong, it's about addressing their concerns.

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