My husband said he will be sending me divorce papers and i dont want a divorce...what are my options??

Asked almost 5 years ago - Newport, VT

i live in vermont and havent seen my husband since january cause hes in kentucky in the army...due to get out in june. he suddenly (supposidly) has a problem with the fact that i dont celebrate he told me last week that he will be sending me papers and regardless od when they are signed it will be finalized in 2 months cause that will be 6 months that we have been apart. is this possible?? im in dire need to save my marriage...please help

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  1. Answered . Go see a lawyer who practices matrimonial law in Vermont. You need a private, face-to-face session with a lawyer who can sit you down and question you in detail to obtain enough information to be able to advise you competently on what to do.

    You need in-person legal advice. Go get it.

  2. Answered . I am very sorry to hear about your problem.

    If at all possible, I would encourage you to consult with a Vermont attorney who concentrates in family law. One way to find an attorney may be able to help you is through the Vermont Lawyer Referral Service operated by the Vermont Association for Justice. The toll-free number is (800) 585-8252, or the Vermont Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service; toll fee (800) 639-7036.

    I do not practice family law, but I can tell you that in most legal cases nothing is "finalized" within two months of the time a case is filed. Also, sometimes people threaten to file legal or divorce cases but don't actually do it. However, if your husband does file for divorce, he will need to have the papers "served" or delivered to you. This is usually done by a sheriff or constable. If you do receive legal papers, or believe that your husband is going to file for divorce soon, it is very important that you contact and consult with a family lawyer right away to find out about your rights and options.

    The Vermont Judiciary Family Court website has a lot of very helpful information about divorce law and procedures. Visit:

    Here is the link for a pamphlet entitled "Divorce in Vermont":

    You may also want to call the family court in your county to find out what other resources and information they offer to the public. You can find a list of family courts and the phone numbers here:

    I hope things work out as well as possible for you.

    (Please note: this is meant as general information only, and does not constitute an attorney-client relationship.)

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Divorce is the process of formally ending a marriage. Divorces may be jointly agreed upon, resolved by negotiation, or decided in court.

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