My husband's attorney seemed to have extreme influence over the judge in my divorce case. What can I do?

Asked about 1 year ago - Hillsborough, NJ

The judge appeared to be very accommodating to my ex's attorney and seemed annoyed with mine. Even though I am a stable person who has worked at the same company for 27yrs, the judge found me not credible. My ex did accuse me of alcoholism during the trial, but also he blatantly, blatantly acted like a severely mentally disabled person on the stand and the judge totally bought it and found him credible. Even the officer in the court approached me after the hearing and said he'd never seen such an act in his life.

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  1. Inga L Stevens

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    Answered . You need to speak with your attorney about your concerns, as he/she is the one who knows your case and was present in the courtroom.

    Generally, however, the judge enjoys wide discretion in determining credibility.

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  2. Jeffrey Alan Kerstetter

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    Answered . Many factors come into play when it involves a Judge and his or her decisions in any given matter. There may be a history between that Judge and your counsel, leading to a decrease in general credibility or leeway given by the Judge to him or her. As to going after a Judge who "appeared" to have been biased, such actions generally will get you nowhere fast. You may wish to appeal the decision if the time to do so has not yet lapsed. If it has, you may be forced to file one or more motions to try and get an equitable result. Consulting with an attorney who offers free consultations may be the way to go here, as the matter is probably far more complex than either your post or this response does justice.

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