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My husband just bought a new house, but my name is not on the property as an owner or co- owner. As his spouse, do I have any

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Rights? For example, if I don't want his sister to come to our house because she mentally and verbally harrases us, can I deny her access to our house? And if she insists on coming, can I call the cops to turn her in as an intruder?

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The first you have rights? Absolutely. The second question your husband inviting her over? If so, she would be violating the law. If either you or your husband invites someone over, that person is granted permission to be there and as such they aren't violating a law. Does your husband want her there?



Yes, my husband wants her there. What rights do I have .?

James Allen McGrail

James Allen McGrail


you have the same rights as him. But unfortunately, if he allows someone to stay there or visit, she's not trespassing. the same would go if you invited someone over he didn't like. The person is invited...therefor they aren't trespassing. You really need to talk to your husband and not her.


You have rights in the house. His sister may come if he invites her.

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